Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Nail Polish Giveaway (CLOSED)

So, I raved about how much I loooooove my Zoya nail polish a few months back and I got some compliments on my blog, Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks on one of my personal favorite colors: Kelly. It's not just my favorite, it seems to be quite the coveted gorgeous varnish, since it's often on back order on Zoya's website. When I ordered it, it was back ordered, and when my friend Alyson over at The Average Girl's Guide ordered it, you guessed it, it was on back order as well. But, this beautiful dark grey is worth the wait, and we were both thrilled when it arrived in the mail. I've been rocking this color as an alternative to black polish.

But, one of my lucky Girly Things reader will get to have this polished shipped to them without having to join a waiting list. All you have to do is be a blog follower, and comment on this post below. Tell me about your favorite nail polish? What's your nail style? Do you like bright loud colors, soft nude hues, or is dark and sultry more your style? Do you rock natural nails? Are they long, or short? Are you a nail art afficionado or do you steer clear of it? Is entering this giveaway for Zoya Kelly a detour from your nail style or are you staying true to your preferences? You don't have to answer all these questions, I'm just trying to start up a conversation. Plus, I like to read blog comments.

OK, so now for the pesky rules:

  • Please be 18 or over to enter, or have parental permission to be giving your address out to a stranger on the Internet
  • You must be a blog subscriber, after all this is a giveaway in the spirit of reader appreciation
  • Provide a valid email address in your comment so I have a way to contact you if you win
  • Leave a comment on this blog entry telling me about your nail style
I'll email the winner to let her/him know she/he won. Winner must reply to my email within 48 hours with their mailing information or I'll be forced to choose another winner.

I'll choose a winner Monday, Feb. 28. 

Ready. Set. Comment!


  1. I am a huge fan of Zoya nailpolish since you suggested it!! I have been rocking Shimmer for like a week and it hasn't chipped. It's a shiny pink with some glitter. I am pretty equal opportunity for colors though, not afraid to wear something bright!

  2. I LOVE zoya nail polish! I change my nail color practically every day I like trying new things, designs crazy colors I'm also a lover of nudes and bubble gum pinks! Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. I've never tried Zoya but I've heard sooooo much about it. I like trying new things and darker nail polishes but I always end up going back to short nails with nude or champagne polish!
    Thanks for the giveaway

  4. Love this giveaway (and thanks for the shoutout)! I'd totally enter, except... I JUST GOT IT! My Kelly came over the weekend. I am so excited to wear it. Good luck to all of Girly Things by *e* fans!

  5. i am not big on nail color on my hands but like it on my toes. however, i have been wanting to try something new...wanted to get into the dark-color-trend, but dont think i can do this would be a great way to try out an awesome looking color!

  6. Lovely giveaway! I follow your blog as Bec via GFC. Enter me please! :)

    My favorite n/p is Zoya Pasha. I love wearing nude/neutral shades on my tips and dark/deep colors on my toes.


  7. i love colors... i like to try different colors... whatever suits my fancy at the time is what i usually go with..

  8. I typically go dark on my toes and light on my fingers...when I manage to keep a mani ha ha...but I'm thinking I need to switch that up!

  9. I recently got some Zoya polishes and I really like then. I wear just about anything on my nails. I know some people pay attention to warmer or cooler shades I really don't. If I like the color then I'm on it. Right now I have on Zoya's Ibiza.

  10. Love Zoya! I actually have "Laney" on my nails right now! I'd love to win another color! :)

  11. I have wanted to try Zoya nail polish since I heard about it a few months ago. I just took acrylics off my nails so I am in recoup, but I like crazy colors and change it like every 3 days. Thanks for the chance to win.

  12. You will never see me with out nail varnish, everyone always thinks that my nails are fake as they are quite long, an i have to correct them telling them that they are actually my own, yet they still disbelieve me until closer inspection ahah, I am a huge fan of Glitter nails the more glitter the better it is for me :), but i also love my black or drak high gloss colours, and this shade looks absoultly perfect,i love it.

  13. I just found Zoya through a facebook giveaway a month or so ago when they were doing the 3 free bottles!! I *LOVE* it!! I tend to go for the cute bright colors (I got Robyn, Jenine, and Pippa-I was obviously feeling the bubble gum colors if you've seen those, along with Akyra for a gift). I have always wanted to rock some black, but haven't had the guts to do nails don't grow very fast and as soon as they get to the ends of my fingers, I try to keep them polished and cute. I tend to leave them alone more if they're painted! I would love to win, adding another Zoya to my stash would be awesome(I'm gonna try to switch over my whole basket of polish to Zoya.....wish me luck in convincing my husband I need to!!!)!

    and I subscribe through google reader and am a follower! :)

  14. My polish style is offbeat, at best. I can't wear "normal" colors - reds, corals, etc all just look weird on me. So my collection is full of strange shades of green/blue/purple/black/sparkles/etc. The up side is that I'm always getting compliments on my nail polish!

    Thanks for offering this giveaway!

    crowpunk at yahoo dot com

  15. I love all kinds of colors on my nails...even applying 2 colors that typically don't match. I also love the sparkle ones.

  16. I don't think I can commit to a certain nail style. Although I'm always drawn in by smokey colors, Kelly included. I love SpaRitual Solitude, Nubar Marabout, etc.

    I used to be adamant that short nails were the way to go, especially if you want to pull of bolder colors. But I've kind of changed my mind on that recently, and am wearing them a bit longer. And I really want to try a "Manolo mani" sometime soon.

    Anyway, great giveaway! Kelly looks awesome.

  17. I'm just getting into Zoya and so far I love it! Kelly looks like a great colour :)

  18. I love nail polish colors that are bright and vibrant. A sensual blue, sparkly purple, sun-warming orange - all beautiful colors that reflect the joys of the day.

    I also like to layer my nail polish, e.g. paint a heart, star, or smiley face over another layer of background color.

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway!
    <3, chynagrl

  19. I don't really have a favorite nail polish, I put on whatever (and I'm pretty awful about nail maintenance, so the colors never last long). I wear my nails short for typing and I range from various reds to blues/blacks/purples. I'm only just experimenting with pinks and nudes :) Must be inching out of my old goth phase. Otherwise, I keep a clean nail, not even nail growth formulas, though I should. I totally keep clear of nail art, though.

    I've been super curious about Zoya and want to try them out. This Kelly seems more my style and I'd love to rock it :D

  20. laheelahee [at] gmail [dot] com
    ive really been getting into nails lately. i never tried zoya, but that color is gorgeous! i didnt know this, but even nail polish should be matched with warm/cool tones? so im tring to find ones that match me really well. my nail style is to keep them short and neat. i like wearing dark colors so my skin looks white and nice (its my style at least in the winter), kind of similar to teeth looking whiter. lol. im also looking for a opaque pinky-nude and a green that fits.. and a purple, and pretty much every color. lol. also, im really into the matte finish. so interesting. i would love to win this, because i heard you could only buy zoya online. bummer. anyways, thanks so much for doing a giveaway! just thinking about the possibility of winning puts a smile on my face. haha. :D

  21. Hi~
    I love creams more than shimmers on my nails. My nails aren't too long and I'm a mom of two whose nails break regularly with housework and cooking etc... Zoya is a great brand! I have Barbie and would love to own Kelly. Thanks!
    I follow your blog with Google Friend & Google Reader too.
    vac924 at gmail dot com

  22. I'm having so much fun reading about everyone's nail polish preferences. I'll email the lucky winner tomorrow. Keep the entries coming! Contest closes at midnight!