Sunday, January 16, 2011

CVS Clearance Super Haul

A lot of you may already know all about this, but if you don't, visit your local CVS if you want to pick up some great beauty products at ridiculously low prices. I've also read over at Nouveau Cheap that Rite Aid has a lot of the same products on clearance as CVS. So if you don't have a CVS nearby or your CVS is out of anything, it might be worth a shot to visit your local Rite Aid. For a more thorough list of products on clearance at CVS (they will be on clearance while supplies last) visit this post on Nouveau Cheap, she updates the list as she sees more products or people write her to tell her what they've found. As you can imagine, she has a pretty thorough list going. 

You can save even more on these bargain basement prices if you bring in coupons. Every CVS I've visited has accepted mine, and I've gone to 4 different stores (two in Florida and two in South Carolina). But, I've also read that some stores won't take them. I guess it really depends on the stores in your area, but it's certainly worth trying. You could end up getting products for free if you do. Plus, if you have any Extra Bucks saved up you can cash them in and reap even more savings. 

Here are pictures of the products I picked up on my numerous CVS visits. I've listed the sale prices and will mention if I used a coupon below the pictures. I have swatches for some products, but not all just yet. This post is just going to be a haul post, but I plan to write reviews on as many of these products as I can. Click on the photos for a larger view. 

Also, I did not list include the Physician's Formula products I picked up on this post, since I wrote a separate post about those. So if you haven't seen that post and want to see what products I got, you can check it out here.

Blushes and Bronzers

Maybelline New York Blush (50% off)
Cost: $2.75

Revlon Mineral Bronzer (75% off)
Cost $3.49 

Revlon Beyond Natural Blush & Bronzer (75% off) - Pink Rose
Cost: $2.99

Sally Hansen Cream Blush (75% off) - Rose Rosy
Cost $2.25


L'Oreal HIP Eyeshadow Duos (75% off)
Colors: Cheeky, Charisma, Adventurous
Cost: $2.07
$2 off coupon available (I used a coupon on each one)
Final cost: $0.07 each
$1off coupons also available
I got my coupons from my Sunday newspapers

L'Oreal HIP swatches (with primer) left to right:
Cheeky, Charisma, Adventurous

Lip products

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick (50% off) - Plaza Pink
Cost: $4.25
Coupon: $2 off any lip product
Final cost: $2.25
Maybelline Color Sensational Lipgloss (50% off) - Hooked on Pink
Cost: $3.75
Coupon: $2 off any lipcolor
Final cost: $1.75
I got my coupons in the Sunday paper

Revlon Super Lustrous lipgloss (75% off)
Colors: Nude lustre & Pink afterglow
Cost: $2.12 
Note: The Sunday (1/17/11) paper had a $1 off coupon for any Revlon 
lip product.

I didn't use a coupon when I purchased these two lip glosses because I did not have one, but I plan to go see if there are any lip glosses left at either CVS or Rite Aid since I'd get them for so cheap. These glide on smoothly, give a pretty hint of color, and smell delicious (kind of vanilla-y and sweet).

Sally Hansen Diamond 12-hour Lip Treatment (75% off)
Color: Princess
Cost: $1.75
Note: has a $1 off Sally Hansen lip product coupon

Love this lip gloss/treatment. Glides on, has great color, and smells like cupcake batter. Mmmmm... With this only costly $1.75 on clearance, I plan to try to snatch up another color with my $1 off coupon. Plus, I have $0.89 in CVS extra bucks, which means one more of these babies will be free for me!

Lip product swatches (left to right):
Princess, pink plaza, hooked on pink, nude lustre, pink afterglow


Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer (50% off)
Colors: Light & Light Medium
Cost: $3.69
Coupon: $1 off
Final cost: $2.69

Revlon Age Defying 
Concealer (75% off)
Color: Light medium
Cost: $2.45

Have any of you taken advantage of the massive clearance sale going on? What have you picked up? Do you plan to take advantage of the sale? If so, what are you hoping to find?

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