Thursday, January 7, 2010

Review: MAC's Feline eyeliner: The only black (non-waterproof) liner you will ever need

Photo credit: MAC website
Oh MAC, how I love you! I'd count the ways, but really, I think that's just a bit too much. Suffice to say, you've done it again. I've made a purchase and I simply can't believe I did without this product for so long. I have to give special thanks to Kandee Johnson (again) who did a MAC Haul video just before Christmas in which she just raved about MAC's Feline eyeliner (it's at the 9:43 mark). She proceeds to describe it pretty well, but I'll go ahead and repeat it: it's black, and when I say black, I mean BLAAAAAAAAAACK. Seriously, it's inky black, and it just glides on like buttah! One qualm, it's not waterproof. Wah! But it's soooo nice, that I can look past that little detail. It smudges quite nicely too, if you're going for that smokey look. But, a word to the wise, that easy smudging still applies later in the day when you decide you want to scratch your eye or something. So, I highly recommend setting it with black shadow. This little ditty is only $14.50, and it's a pretty decent size, so you should get a lot of uses out of it.

I have an arsenal of black eyeliners. This one has quickly moved to the top of my favorites list (for pencil liners). It's right up there (they are pretty much neck and neck) with Sephora's Flashy Liner and UD's 24/7. If this were waterproof, it would be the only liner I would ever buy. I think it glides on better, and darker on first try, than UD's 24/7 and Sephora's Flashy liner.

I'll have to post some pictures up soon.

Do you have any favorite black liners?

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