Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sparkly New Cocktail Ring

Oh how fun! I'm in love with my new little sparkler from Nordstrom (buy it here). It's quite the attention-grabbing piece. It keeps catching my eye as I type. It's a one-size-fits-all style, but it's not the type of ring where the part that wraps around your finger doesn't close. I'll have to take a picture to show you. It has these little prongs inside that you can move around to adjust, which I think is pretty neat. The only thing is that sometimes the prongs loosen, but so far not lose enough for the ring to slip off or anything. Mostly, when I'm at work, where they like to keep it arctic, the ring will get a bit loose and may twirl a bit around my finger, but during regular use (like when I'm not typing all day), it seems to stay put just fine.

Online, the ring is available in two colors, gold and silver. But when I was in the store, they had a pewter color with black crystals. It was pretty cute, and would have definitely matched some other accessories that I have, like my black Sworovski crystal cross, and my Fleur du Lis necklace (pictured below) that I got at Violet's while I was visiting New Orleans (I wish I could link you to it. It's an amazing little boutique in the French Quarter, with lots of fun finds -- dresses, jewelry, scarves, candles. Alas, they don't seem to have a website. If you're ever in the area you should certainly stop by. Even if just to look around) But, the darker crystals weren't as sparkly, and I have earrings, and two necklaces in that style, and I was really looking for something that glittered. Though, I was tempted to buy them both. I had to resist.

Now with my fun new acquisition, I'm noticing rings left and right. I just got the J.Crew catalog in the mail, and as I was thumbing through, I found another fun ring of this sort that caught my eye. It's a bit less pricey than this flower one. What do you think of this and this? I'm also thinking that if I don't jump the gun, I may find some great bargains out there, so I'll keep an eye out and see what I find.

All that glitters may not be gold, but sparkles sure do make me feel pretty!

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