Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Portable Holiday Scented Moisture

I've been meaning to write a little post about my new lotion from Beyond Belief. I got it at Sally Beauty Supply as one of those by-the-register impulse buys. I'm glad I succumed to this little retail trick. It was only 99 cents and the smell just brings me joy. These lotions are a limited edition item, I'm guessing because of the holiday-inspired scents. I purchased mine in Spun Sugar. I like to buy small travel sized lotions to keep in my purse or at my desk at work since my hands have a tendency to get kind of dry. My go-to tube of St. Ives Collagen Elastin lotion that I keep at work was starting to run low so this little number came into my life just in time. I can't stop using it. I'll need to go get some more before they are all gone, and I may pick up a few to use as stocking stuffers. While I was at the counter deciding which to purchase for myself, I was torn between the Iced Pomegranate, Vanilla Brulee, and the Chocolate Truffle. But once I smelled the Spun Sugar, I was sold. It reminded me of sugar cookies and happy holiday cheer. It smelled good enough to eat. Every time I rub it in my hands, I'm reminded of Christmas morning and eating delicious sugar cookies (the ones that come in the blue tin - I can never remember the brand, but I just love those cookies!) while sipping on hot coffee. It gives me a quick pick me up at work, which is ever so useful on a Monday. Aside from the delicious smell, I like that this lotion isn't too thick and that it absorbs easily into my skin.

Go grab a few for yourself! They are just the right size for any upcoming holiday travel!

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