Thursday, April 10, 2014

Autism Awareness with Sally Hansen Pacific Blue

Since April is Autism Awareness Month, my fellow Central Florida Beauty Bloggers have decided to dedicate this month's beauty link up to something blue (hmmm, could be a great theme if we ever do a wedding beauty link up, no?)

I've defaulted to nails again because, I've got a lot of blue nail polish and not a lot of blue makeup. It was a toss up, my go-to blue eyeliner bit or some fun polish. I thought this design was a bit more fun.

To show some support for autism awareness, I chose one of my favorite drugstore blue hues: Sally Hansen Pacific Blue. Just look at it, does it need much justification? I love a pretty cobalt blue. I've actually read somewhere that cobalt blue actually helps lift your mood. I don't know if it's true. I mean, I probably read it on the Internet somewhere. And who knows if it was scientific or how reliable the source was? But I liked it. So I'm repeating it (try not to come after me with pitchforks for that one). Plus, cobalt blue makes me happy, so there's that.

Sally Hansen Pacific Blue, marble nails, swatch, nail polish, @girlythingsby_e
Seche Clear base coat, Sally Hansen Pacific Blue (2 coats), Seche Vite top coat

Aside from it's questionable ability to enhance your mood (OK, now it sounds like a drug -- do not ingest your nail polish, please), this polish is absolutely fantastic. First of all, it's less than $3. In fact, I'm pretty sure I paid less than $3 with tax included back in the day when I got it (about 3 years ago). 

Second, the formula is amazing. Completely opaque after one coat. Not too watery or too thick (Goldilocks' favorite porridge). And super easy to work with. No streaks. No globs or goop (and this is a 3 year old bottle might I remind you). If you didn't know it was a drugstore cheapie, you'd never guess it on your own. 

Sally Hansen Pacific Blue, swatch, nail polish, marble nails
Accent nail: Zoya Blu (base color), Sally Hansen Pacific Blue + OPI Don't Know Beets Me as the marble colors

If you'd like to learn how to recreate your own marble nail art, check out this video from Young, Wild & Polished. It's the one I used to create this look.


  1. I love the marble technique even though I have yet to perfect it!

  2. The marble nail looks great! I'd love it if you'd join my Light It Up Blue link-up for Autism Awareness!

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