Monday, September 16, 2013

Manicure Monday: Orly Frolic

Welcome to another week. I'm starting this one off by sharing a polish swatch that, frankly, I'm rather dumbstruck I hadn't shared before. You see, I swatched this gorgeous color back in June and completely flaked. So, I swatched it again this weekend, having completely forgotten I already had a picture of it. It was one of the first polishes I wanted to share with you after my enormous polish haul from Premiere Orlando. You remember that haul, right? Here's a link to jog your memory.

As you can see below, Orly's Frolic was a perfect color to share with you over the summer because it's bold, bright, and gorgeous. But since I suffered swatch amnesia, you're not getting it until fall. It's ok though, because I live on the edge, bend the rules, run with scissors, and laugh in the face of Florida fall. I want to wear bright colors. So I'm doing it. I've complained enough about letting go of my summer brights in favor of pretty fall hues to make your eyes bleed. So let's skip that and get to the good stuff.

Orly Frolic @ Girly Things by *e*
OPI Nail Envy base coat, Orly Frolic (2 coats), Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat

Orly's Frolic is a fun and gorgeous purple creme that leans more toward a red-based, orchid-esque purple. It's bright without being neon and it's a color unlike anything else I have in my collection. (And we all know I have quite a few almost-identical-but-slightly-different colors and accidental duplicates in my collection. It's OK, I've come to terms with it.) Needless to say, I love it.

It's not just a great color though, it's also a great formula. I'm really happy I've expanded my collection of Orly polishes because they make a rather awesome product. The polish applies like a dream: It's pigmented, goes on smoothly, isn't too thick, dries evenly, and has a beautiful glossy candy-coated finish. After two coats I had perfect color pay off (and one coat was impressively opaque). 

I'm totally bowled over by how much I love this color that I'm currently working on a few manicure color combo ideas to help transition this color into fall to give it extra mileage. What do you think of Frolic? Isn't it gorgeous? 

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