Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Trend Watch: The Moto Jacket

For the last year, I've been wanting to get a moto-style jacket. It's such a great piece to add a little edge to any outfit. And it's versatile, pairing great with just about anything from jeans and t-shirts, to skirts and feminine dresses. 

The problem is this: I live in Florida, so I don't want to buy an expensive leather jacket that I won't get to use a lot. I'm OK with spending on a classic leather jacket, but I don't want to spend too much on a trendy jacket if there is a possibility the weather won't allow me to use it much. So far, I just haven't been satisfied with the faux leather jackets I've seen. And frankly, the ones I have liked are too close in price to a real leather jacket. Ergo, still sitting here longing for a biker jacket. 

Then, I stumbled upon a beautiful Utility Biker jacket online at Madewell. It's not leather, but cotton, which is a huge bonus since I might get a lot more wear out of a cotton jacket down here in the land of humidity and heat. Fabrics that breathe are a staple. But I struggled with pulling the trigger. My husband convinced me that $158 was too expensive especially considering we'd be experiencing 90+ degree weather in no time and the last thing I was going to want to do was wear a jacket. I listened (a rare occurrence), and then spring decided to take its sweet ass time arriving. It's almost the end of March and we're experiencing a cold front. I could slap myself. 

Photo credit: Madewell

Another reason I hesitated:  I don't have a Madewell store anywhere near me so I'm not familiar with their fit. While I know my measurements and size, it always makes me a bit nervous to shop a brand I'm not familiar with because sometimes fit can just be a funny thing. 

Nonetheless, I decided to take the risk. Madewell has a reasonable return policy and I'll be in NYC (where there's a store) within that time frame, so if it didn't fit, I could bring it back. I bet you can guess what happened next, right? Sold out. I could scream to the high heavens! Why?! (You can bet your britches I'll be stalking this page to see if it comes back in stock)

But in the spirit of getting past this little shopping hurdle, I've found two affordable alternatives that I think might be promising. Perhaps you can also benefit from my seemingly never ending search. 

Photo credit: Uniqlo
First up, the Uniqlo synthetic moto jacket. It's faux and a great price. Only $59.90 regularly, but currently on promo for $39.90. At that price, it seems worth ordering and hoping the sizing works out. Bonus: there are a few reviews about the jacket's quality and fit. It comes in four colors: black, brown, beige (pictured), and blue.

Photo credit: Urban Outfitters 

This Silence & Noise jacket from Urban Outfitters is getting some pretty good reviews as well. And,  like the Madewell jacket, it's made of stretch cotton. Bonus: Urban Outfitters is offering free shipping through today. It's available in two colors: black and khaki.

What do you think of the moto jacket trend? Do you have one and did you find it a great price? Please share! P.S. Check out my friend Alyson rocking her pink moto jacket she scored at TJ Maxx (majorly jealous)


  1. Awww, thanks for the sweet shout out! Loving the moto jacket trend. Too bad the UO option doesn't come in army green like Madewell because I LOVE it. Have you checked out Target lately? I swear I saw something there...

    1. Bet you can guess where I'll be after my barre class tonight. Hahaha!