Monday, December 3, 2012

Manicure Monday: Julep Maven December - Petra & Jordan

Received my Julep Maven December subscription this weekend. On December 1, to be exact. I usually don't get mine until around the forth of the month, so I was quite surprised. This month, I chose the Boho Glam box, which is actually the profile I got when I took the little quiz at the beginning of the subscription so they could match me up with the polishes that best fit my style. Truth be told, I usually like the colors in the Boho Glam boxes. But I usually have something relatively similar already. I guess they chose my profile correctly indeed.

I chose Boho Glam this month because I totally loved Petra. It's a beautiful shimmery berry hue. It's absolutely stunning. The photo above picks up the color well, but for some reason isn't picking up the shimmer as well. Perhaps it's because they pale in comparison to the glitter polish I paired with Petra. Regardless, it's totally gorgeous. Two coats (which is what is pictured) takes a deeper berry finish, inching it just slightly toward a red-magenta. One coat, keeps it a little more on the magenta side. And although it's not fully opaque, one coat provides some pretty impressive coverage. The formula applied easily and smoothly and in my opinion looks phenomenal.

Since it's the holiday season, each box this month featured some sparkle. I know I've been vocal about how much I'm simply not into glitter polish. But I think Jordan might just change my mind. I can still say, I'm not keen on multi-colored glitter polish. But I'm really digging this gunmetal silver micro and chunky glitter polish.

Knowing I'm not usually crazy about a full-on glitter mani, I decided to pair the two together, stamping the ends of my nails with Jordan. I wouldn't call it a french mani per say because it's not a neat line, and it's not quite ombre either since it doesn't fade softly. Perhaps it's more of a hybrid between the two. I really like the look. It's fun and festive.

If you would like to see how I did the manicure, comment below. I'm thinking it could make a fun video tutorial.

What do you think of Jordan and Petra?


  1. LOVE these colors! I got the American Beauty box, really liked the colors I got too. I especially loved the DIY cabochon ring extra, how fun is that?!
    Smart n Snazzy

    1. I think my ring was broken, the stone keeps falling out. But it was cute! My box came with a warming foot scrub, so I'm looking forward to using that.