Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wedding Files: Flower Inspiration

I'm having a tiny little dilema. I've been looking at the classic calla lily bouquet, and loving it for quite some time now. I mean, it's gorgeous. How can you go wrong? I was even hoping for a bouquet, kind of like the one pictured below, because I like how the stems are long, and it's not too thick. I never knew how heavy a bouquet could be until I went to a bridal show and picked a few up. I like the idea of easily being able to hold it with one hand.

But, recently, I came across several pictures of anemones. Our wedding colors are black and white, or as Kris Jenner so appropriately said for the Kim wedding special extravaganza: black, white, and sparkles. The more I see these pictures, the more I like them.What a pretty bouquet! I just love how it incorporates the black and white theme without looking overly black. I don't want to evoke the thought of a funeral.

So, I'm torn, the classic callas I've loved, or the fun and whimsical anemones. Maybe there is a way to incorporate both. I guess I'll have to think on it.

Another trend I've seen and just loooooved are the brooch bouquets. Oh. My. God. They are so gorgeous! And they certainly incorporate a lot of sparkle.You just know I love that! Hahahahaha! But, I don't think I can give up real flowers. They are just so nice too. Still, the brooch bouquets are nice to look at, so check out these gorgeous pictures below.

Source: via Sophia on Pinterest

So, what do you ladies think? Aren't they just stunning?

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