Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wedding Files: Tampa Bridal Show

Roses, Calla Lilies (in eggplant, which I love, but I seem to be the only one), and feathers
I was recently at a bridal show here in the Tampa Bay area, and I took a lot of picutres. What an experience! Bridal shows are a mad house. No amount of warning could have prepared me. I was exhausted by the end of it. I'd been hoping to go and get a chance to talk to some vendors, but really, the only thing you were able to do was grab their business cards and packets and move along to the next booth. There were people everywhere, and it was impossible to really talk to anyone. But, it was fun to get so see some of the things people can do. 

I just wanted to share some pictures. I've always loved calla lilies and the more bouquets of them I saw, the more I love them. I'm especially smitten with the eggplant calla lilies, but I seem to be the only one. The future hubs thinks its a bit morbid to use black (eggplant!!) flowers. That's fine. But maybe the next time he gets me flowers, he'll surprise me with some eggplant calla lilies (one year anniversary anyone?)

Calla Lilies
I am also obsessed with cupcakes. I know, I know, wedding cakes are stunning. I really do think they are beautiful. But there is just something so playful and lovely about cupcakes to me. Every time I go to a wedding, the slice of cake I end up getting is so thin. I think with cupcakes people will get a nice helping of yumminess. I know I'd appreciate it. Heck, I'm hoping there are some left over, so we can take them home. I'll be off the pre-wedding healthy eating by then. Well, I'll still be eating healthy (I like being in shape), but it will be a bit more relaxed. So, I'll be thrilled to have some cupcakes around. Can we say post-wedding, late night dessert? Yes please! I'm not totally unreasonable. I want to make sure that cupcakes are a budget-friendly item (read: comparable to what it is to have a cake). If they are going to be way more than a cake, then I'm open to having a cake. But all things being equal, I'll choose the cupcakes. I've got my heart set on them.
Gigi's Cupcakes Tower
I really like the idea of a small cake topper (the one we get to keep and eat later, is that how it goes?) with some cupcakes, kind of like this one below.
Publix cupcake tower
We saw a lot of cake pops at the event. That's just what it sounds like, cakes attacked to a lollipop stick. How fun! And what a great favor! I always find that I end up tossing favors away, but the edible ones, those I appreciate. These were cake pops for a bachlorette party. They were a little naughty. Be forewarned, they are risque.

Naughty Cake Pops

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