Friday, February 12, 2010

88 Palette Neutral Eye Series: Browns

So, I have a friend who's a bit color shy. She went out and got the 88 palette after watching several YouTube videos about it, and after I raved about it to her for about a week. The other day, she told me she never uses it because she really doesn't use color much when she does her everyday makeup.

In her honor, I've decided to do a series of neutral, easy-to-wear, everyday looks using my 88 palette so that my friend can brush the dust off her palette and use it. After all, she spent the money on it! Gradually, I'll see if I can get her to experiment with the colors. But, I wanted to introduce her to the neutral colors in that set, less she forget that the palette isn't all bright colors. If you have an 88 palette and want some everyday, work-appropriate/school-friendly makeup looks, then I hope this little series is helpful for you as well.

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