Monday, May 4, 2015

Eyebrow Tutorial | How to Fill & Shape Brows with Tinted Brow Gel ft. Serenity + Scott

In case you haven't noticed, your eyebrows play a prominent role on your face. They frame your features and lend expression to your face. Don't believe me? Imagine what you would look like without your brows. Kinda strange, right? 

That's why it's important to get them right. And I'm not about to act like it's easy. It definitely takes a lot of practice. But the longer I play with makeup, the more I realize that ignoring your brows is just not an option.

Now don't get me wrong. I was once squarely in your corner. Brows intimidated the life out of me. I'd seen far too many people out there sporting some unflattering brows and I was deathly afraid of walking around with caterpillar brows or the dreaded sharpie look. So instead of trying to learn how to do it, I simply chose to pretend the issue didn't exist.

You see, I have pretty decent brows on their own. Not too sparse. Decent shape. I always thought that all I needed to do was get them shaped up every few weeks by a professional. Boy was I wrong.  I came fact to face with reality when I saw my brows on camera. I could no longer ignore the truth. I needed to learn to fill my brows.

It's been a long road. And sometimes I still stumble. But I like to think that for the most part (let's say a totally unscientific 92% of the time), I get it right. And by that I mean, I manage to give my brows a similar shape without making them too dark or thick or completely drawn on.

With that in mind, I figured it was high time I shared how I do it. So I've decided to film a few video how-tos showcasing how I fill and shape my brows using a variety of eyebrow products. Today we're sharing one of the easier approaches: Using tinted brow gel (and a little assistance from a handy brow pencil).  Tinted brow gels are great because you can add fullness and color while simultaneously taming stray hairs. It's a great approach for those of you who don't have to do too much brow rehab.

If you've plucked a lot of your brows away, or simply have very thin brows to begin with, a brow gel can still help you out. But you'll definitely want to use a brow gel that delivers decent pigmentation like Serenity + Scott's Brow Gel ($16), which I demo in this video.  You'll also want to supplement your brow routine with a pencil (like I demo) or shadow to help add extra definition.

I hope you found this demonstration helpful. And remember, even though brows are challenging, you can't get discouraged! The more you practice, the better you'll get. Good brows can transform your face. It's totally worth the journey and the effort!

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