Monday, April 20, 2015

Haul: IMATS NYC 2015

Ladies and gentlemen, I survived my first IMATs -- and in the process had a blast visiting New York with my sister. We attended on Sunday, so it was the day after all the big YouTubers went and got kicked out. I have no idea how it compares to Saturday's apparent mayhem, but it seems the event was nice and calm for the first few hours we were there. It wasn't until a little later in the afternoon that the crowds started to get a little thicker and it started to feel like other trade shows I've attended in the past (e.g., The Makeup Show, Premiere Orlando).

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it was better or worse without the YouTubers there. I wasn't there to witness the crowds that would surround them. I don't know what the YouTubers did or didn't do to merit getting booted. I only know what I heard. If the rumors are true, and judging by the venue and event layout, I can see how too many people crowing around to take photos with their favorite "gurus" could have resulted in the vloggers getting the boot. All I'm saying is that I can understand how it would become a safety concern.

Anyway, that's all I've got to say on that subject because I wasn't attending with the goal to partake in any YouTube meet and greets (although I probably would've said hi discreetly had I seen any of them -- I am friendly after all). I understand that some people attend hoping to see their favorite internet beauty personalities and can see how it would be disappointing that they're not there. My main focus, though, was to shop and chat with brand reps to learn about products and what not. So for me the trip was a total success.

With that said, I promised an IMATS haul and that's exactly what you'll get! So check out my video below to see everything I got (and even some swatches).

And here's a list of all the products:

  • Cinema Secrets Makeup Brush Cleanser (Quick Dry formula)
  • Alcone Company Non-Latex makeup sponges
  • Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray
  • Skindinavia Oil Control Primer Spray
  • Skindinavia Original Primer Spray
  • Bdellium Tools Tapered Contour Brush (944)
  • Bdellium Tools 10-piece Studio Mineral brush set with makeup roll which includes the following brushes:
    • #964 AP Blusher
    • #957 Precision Cheek
    • #955 Finishing
    • #945 Contour
    • #942 Slanted Contour
    • #781 Crease
    • #776 Blending
    • #769 Angled Contour
    • #765 Small Angle Shader
    • #755 Smudge
  • Beauty Blender Body Blender
  • Serenity + Scott: Gatsby (lipstick) + Copper Auburn (brow gel)
  • Dirty Little Secret lipsticks: Poison, Guilty Pleasure, Hopeless
  • Lip Bar liquid lipstick: Candy Land and Dirty Red
  • Cozette Brushes: S145, D255, S165, S175, S185
  • Stilazzi shadows and blushes:
    • MS04
    • MS08
    • MB10
    • MB16
    • MB18
    • MB19
    • MS43
    • MS44
    • MS45
    • PS26
  • Ever Glaze polishes: Lil' Bow-tique, Don't Grape About it, Floral-escent, Paint My Piggies Pink, Orchid, Top Coat
  • IBD polish in Tickled Pink
  • Chacott Cleansing Water (travel size)

Alright, I showed you mine, now tell me about your haul. Did you go to IMATS and what was your favorite purchase?

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