Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Haul: Colour Pop Cosmetics Super Shock Shadows + Lippie Stix

If you've been watching Youtube beauty videos lately, then you've no doubt heard of a new brand out there called Colour Pop. The brand's taken the bloggosphere/vloggosphere by strom -- and with good reason. The quality and pricing of their products are jaw dropping. Their Super Shock eyeshadows and Lippie Stix have beauty bloggers/vloggers weak at the knees, which means I had to go ahead and order some of their products to check them out for myself.

Right now, the brand makes eyeshadows and lipsticks -- all priced at $5 (!!!). And soon they'll be releasing a blush line. They haven't announced the price of the blushes, but they have said they won't be priced at $5 as they are a larger product. Regardless, I'm already salivating at the possibility.

I went ahead and ordered seven products (five shadows and two lipsticks). If you're doing the math, that's a whopping $35 (steal!). And since I signed up for their newsletter, I got a $5 off coupon, which brought my total down to $30.

I'm pretty sure I've spent more than that on fewer products at the drugstore. Just sayin'.

Anyway, here's a picture of the five eyeshadows I purchased.

Colour Pop Super Shock Shadows, 3, Amaze, So Quiche, Desert, Hanky Panky

I haven't given these a thorough testing, so I'm not ready for a full review. But from what I've experienced so far, I can say that these are impressive. They offer great color pay off and lasting power. I've worn them with and without primer and was pretty impressed with both -- although primer gave it much better lasting power (of course).  More to come once I test these out for longer.

In the meantime, here are some color descriptions and swatches for you:

  • So Quiche: Olive with gold, pink, and violet duo chrome shimmer (metallic finish)
  • Amaze: rose gold (metallic finish)
  • 3: bronze with silver and multicolored glitter (metallic finish)
  • Desert: warm saddle brown with taupe (satin finish)
  • Hanky Panky: soft cool-tone taupe (matte finish)

Colour Pop, swatches, So Quiche, Amaze, 3, Hanky Panky, Desert

I also purchased two of their Lippie Stix:

  • BFF is a peachy nude with a glossy finish
  • Frida is a warm mid-tone pink nude with a satin finish

Colour Pop Lippie Stix, Frieda, BFF
Colour Pop Lippie Stix in BFF (left) and Frida (right)
These are quite creamy and also offer great color pay off. See the swatches for yourself.

Colour Pop Lippie Stix Frida (left), BFF (right) 

Even though Hanky Panky is described as a cool toned taupe,  it reminded me of  MAC Soft Brown and Stila Eden shadows. In the pot, they all look very close. But on closer inspection, it's not an exact dupe -- just in the same color family.

Soft Brown is definitely darker and warmer.  Eden is rosier. Check out the side-by-side swatch below.

Is it just me? They're kind of similar, right?

Don't forget to check out my video for a little hauling fun! When you're all done with that, visit Eugenia's haul and Phyrra's haul so you can binge on some Colour Pop purchases.


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