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Review & Demo: NYX Wonder Pencil

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On a recent trip to ULTA, I walked by a NYX end cap display that was showcasing the brand's Wonder Pencil. I was in the market for a nude eyeliner, and the Wonder Pencil promised to be much more than that, so without needing much convincing, I snatched one up. 

It comes in three colors (light, medium, deep) of which I purchased light and costs a whopping $4.49. 

Little did I know this little pencil would rock my world. 

I've used it so much, I've been sharpening it into oblivion. I can already tell I'll need to buy this in sets of two. 

NYX's Wonder Pencil is a nude multi-purpose pencil. It has the consistency of a NYX pencil lip liner, which is to say it's not as creamy as their jumbo pencils, but also not overly dry. The product transfers onto your skin easily and blends well. I find it best to use my fingers when blending. 

Here are all the things I use it for:
  • Highlight brown bone
  • Brighten inner corner of eye
  • Line water line to to look more awake
  • Highlight cupid's bow
  • Line and prime lips - the nude color won't interfere with whatever lipstick you choose (heck it will actually help make it more true to color, like concealing your lips) and it gives your lip product a little something extra to adhere to.
  • Clean up around lips (much like you would with concealer) after applying a bold color (like red)
  • To give my eyes a lift by giving myself a reverse wing and then blending (demonstrated in video)
Because the color I purchased is a bit lighter than my skin tone, I use it mostly for highlighting (as you can see). If it were closer to my skin tone, I could also use it to spot conceal. The dryer (but not totally dry) consistency would make it perfect for concealing blemishes because it's not likely to slide off. The pencil's size also gives you great control and precision over where you want to apply product, another great thing when you're trying to conceal a small blemish (but also great all around because lip lining and other uses can require some precision).

NYX Wonder Pencil light swatch, @girlythingsby_e
NYX Wonder Pencil in light

Let's break down this review into pros and cons:

  • Cheap and easy to find
  • Nice consistency
  • Great for precision
  • Its nude and matte, which creates a more natural highlight (and won't emphasize lines or make you look oily). It also looks more natural than white liner in the water line.
  • Multi-purpose (make sure you disinfect it when using on both eyes and lips)
  • I wish there was more product because I'm going through it really fast (a guess that's a bit of a by product of having so many uses). I may need to buy more than one at a time. 
  • I wish it came in more than three shades. Light it too light for spot concealing (unless I want to put a spotlight on a blemish -- negative) and medium was a bit too dark. 
  • It doesn't cover redness completely and if you have dark circles you want to treat, you'll still need concealer (but use this over the concealer for a little added brightness if you wish). I don't think it's meant to totally replace your concealer anyway, but just keep this in mind.

Overall, I'm really happy with this purchase and I can see myself repurchasing this product repeatedly in the future. 

Have you ever tried NYX's Wonder Pencil? Are you a fan? If you haven't tried it, do you think you will? Comment below and share your thoughts. 

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