Monday, November 11, 2013

Manicure Monday: OPI Lincoln Park After Dark

If you follow me on any kind of social media, then you know I had a pretty rough weekend. My dog died unexpectedly and quite suddenly after being quite healthy and happy all day, with no signs of distress. It was quite the blow. I wasn't prepared.

I've had many dogs in my life and have had to say goodbye to quite a few (old age and sickness as is the natural order of life). All of them were sad. I shed tears for every one. But Newton was special. I'd never bonded with any of my other pets as much as I'd bonded with my Bing (his nick name was Bing-Bing after the sound his collar would make whenever he came running to greet me). His passing hit me hard. I've grieved him like a member of the family. It feels like a part of my heart is missing. I don't expect everyone to understand, but I am devastated.

Alas, he is gone and there is nothing I can do but miss him and remember the joy he brought into my life. But for now, those joyful memories, still bring up pangs of sadness. I just try to keep telling myself that in time, I'll just remember the joy.

In his honor, I got a mournful manicure with one of my favorite (yet somehow previously unswatched) OPI shades, Lincoln Park After Dark.

OPI Lincoln Park After Dark, swatch, @girlythingsby_e
OPI Lincoln Park After Dark (2 coats), Seche Vite top coat. Swatched on acrylic nails. Nails by Miss Natalia's Beauty

Now, it might not look like it, but Lincoln Park After Dark (LPAD) is actually a deep eggplant purple. But to the naked eye, and in most lighting conditions, it looks black. In the photo, you can tell that the bottle isn't full on black, but on my nails, not so much. It doesn't bother me. I love a good super dark, practically (essentially?) black polish.

OPI Lincoln Park After Dark swatch, @girlythingsby_e
My RIP cross design in honor of Newton.

Like most OPI dark lacquers LPAD is immediately opaque. It goes on smoothly, leaves no streaks, and dries down to a gorgeous glossy finish. It's gorgeous, vampy, chic, and fantastic.

On natural nails this lasts me about 3-4 days. I've said it before, I'm rough on my nails. Most manicures don't survive too long. On acrylics, I'm sure it will last much longer. But I'll probably change it out before it looks tired because I like to change things up.

There's not much I can say about the fabulous color that hasn't already been said before. If you love vampy dark shades and you don't have this color, make a plan to go get it. You won't regret it.

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