Thursday, August 29, 2013

Casual Florida-friendly fall outfits

Alright, I get it. Summer is almost over. I'm having a hard time accepting it for a few reasons. First, it feels like summer just started. Second, I'm not ready to give up bright, happy nail polish (although, I think I may find some fun ways to incorporate them into my fall and winter manicures, stay tuned). Third, it's still hot as Hades down here in Florida.

So, to start preparing for the inevitable change in fashion (I'd say seasons, but that doesn't really happen here) and the barely noticeable change in temparature (we'll go from 90+ to high 70's and mid 80's), I started thinking of ways I might incorporate a little fall into my outfits. The answer: layers and close-toed shoes.

Here's how fall goes down here: You wake up, and it might be 70 degrees outside. Since it was 95 and humid the day before, you think, "Wow, it's chilly out." (perspective people!). Then you turn on the news to see if it will last. That's when you find out, the high for the day is 90 with 110% humidity. At this point you groan and roll your eyes. If you wear that cute sweater you bought, you'll be dying before lunch. If you wear a tank top and shorts, you'll feel a little cold (reminder: the 20 degree drop feels more drastic than it is).

What's a girl to do? I don't know about the rest of you, but I just layer my summer and fall pieces. T-shirts and chunky cardigans, flowy shirts and army jackets, ankle boots and ballet flats. Here are just some casual fall pairings I would wear down here is the sweltering state.

Casual FL Fall Outfit
Oasis grey cardigan, / AĆ©ropostale white shirt / Joe's Jeans skinny leg jeans / Steve Madden Tennasee boot / Nordstrom hoop earrings / Skagen watch / Forever 21 twisted link stretch bracelet / Forever 21 twisted cutout cuff / Forever 21 spike cuff / Forever 21 layered necklace

As the temperatures rise, this outfit won't make me melt. The boots cover my feet, but won't warm my legs (PS - totally bummed they were out of my size during the Nordstrom anniversary sale). As a Floridian, I've become accustomed to jeans in our weather, so no worries there. And I can push up the sleeves to the sweater or remove it all together depending on how uncomfortable the heat gets.

I love how the accessories and shoes give the outfit a little edge and the watch and cardi lend it a little preppy, classic, cool. I'd wear this to run errands, on the weekend, out to the movies. Anywhere casual and laid back.

Casual comfortable florida fall outfit
Madewell Roll Sleeve silk blouse / Madewell jacket / Uniqlo jeans / Gap leopard flats / Skagen watch / Rose Pierre gunmetal & rose gold necklace / Nordstrom BP pendant necklace

Another fun pairing. I like how the army jacket makes the silk blouse and dark-wash denim just a little less dressy and the pop of leopard fun from the shoes. I'd probably wear this with the sleeves pushed up and I could easily remove the jacket if it gets too warm. I'd wear this out on a casual date with the hubs to our favorite casual restaurant, local bar, or even brunch. Heck, it's casual, so why not throw a little errand running into the mix too.

How do you do casual fall?