Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Battle of the Messenger Bags

I've been admiring this beautiful messenger bag on the Madewell site for a while now. Lately I've had a thing for cross body bags. My J. Crew Tillary purse (shop a similar style here) opened my eyes to how wonderful this style is. It was perfect during our Italian honeymoon with just enough room the carry the few things I wanted to keep with me (ID, cash, credit card, hotel key, chapstick, phone) and fit comfortably across my body for extra security. I use my Tillary all the time for casual outings where I don't need to carry a lot with me (think brunch or out to the local bar).

This got me thinking I'd like a larger one for everyday use. You know, since I like to carry the kitchen sink with me. Hence my longing glances at the Madewell Essex messenger bag as well as countless others online. I haven't quite figured out exactly which one I want.Then, when perusing sites in anticipation of my trip to NYC in May (yes, I start daydreaming early), I stumbled upon a cute lookalike on the Joe Fresh site -- for nearly $60 less (depending on which color you like in the Madewell version you might save less since some colors went on sale).

How cute is the Joe Fresh version (which by the way is still leather) in the mint green? I love that unique color and it's so great for spring! I think I'll be keeping an eye out for it, in case they still have it available when I'm in the city (since there's no Joe Fresh down here and you can't shop online). It's always fun to find a similar style for a better bargain!


  1. Super cute bags, I love both! The best thing about the Madewell is of course, the neutral color. But the pastel Joe Fresh is so rad and I'm on a huge pastel kick lately! Can't wait to see what you get :)
    Lia ~ Smart n Snazzy

    1. I know I love the neutral hue, but I have plenty of neutral bags and that mint... I love it!