Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Manicure

Happy Valentines Day!!! 

It's Valentine's Day and I thought I'd provide you a cute little manicure idea you can do at home or show to your manicurist for your date tonight. It's such a fun look, and even if you're not into nail art, it's not too out there. Simple but cute.

I've been wanting to do this manicure since I saw a pin about it on Pinterest. But then, a video tutorial on how to do something similar popped up on my YouTube subcription page and since I thought it explained the process so well, I'll share it here

Choose any two colors you want to go together. Just remember, the heart should be a darker color than the base color so it shows up better. Except, strangely, I tried white with gold hearts, but they didn't show up as well (but white with red or pink or purple looked nice too). I finally decided on gold with red hearts. 

Note: If you plan to do this manicure yourself, try to give yourself a lot of time. I had to redo the mani three times before I got the hang of dotting on the hearts so they didn't look like blobs. In other words, this isn't a quicky mani you can do just before you head out the door, unless you're already dexterous at nail art. 

I used this method to make my own dotting tool at home and it works great for this mani and to create a polka dot manicure. 

Here are a few other fun ideas I saw on Pinterest:

Find the pin here

Photo credit Hysteria of Decay. Check out the pin here

Photo credit/Pin location

Hope you have a love-filled day! 


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