Friday, January 11, 2013

Product Review: L'Oreal True Match Concealer Crayon

If you've been inside a drugstore lately, you may have noticed a bevy of new makeup products out on the shelves. It seems that the makeup crayon is the new wild craze. You have Clinique's Chubby Sticks, Revlon's Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain crayons, and jumbo stick eye shadows. Everyone is jumping on the crayon bandwagon. And it's not just lip products (although quite a few of those are popping up from different brands now) anymore, the crayon craze is spreading in the makeup sphere. I gotta say, I'm a fan.

As you can imagine, I was giddy and smitten when I walked into the drugstore and saw a huge L'Oreal display with the newest of the crayon craze on the market: the True Match crayon concealer. I love the True Match line. I love that they have a generous color selection, that it's easy to match your skin tone to the rest of your makeup products, and the quality is never disappointing. So, when I saw the new product I jumped on it immediately.

Here are my thoughts.

You may already know that the True Match is divided into three skin tone undertones to help you find the best color for you: warm, cool, and neutral. Each undertone has a range of colors ranging from super light to deep. I was disappointed to see that the new concealer line only seems to have shades in the neutral and warm undertones. What's that about? But I would not be deterred. This little snafu would not get in my way. I normally wear shade C3 in the True Match line so I thought perhaps a neutral line would work. My thought process being that neutral should theoretically work on either warm or cool undertones.

Now, these concealers come in shade ranges: N 1-3, N 4-5, W1-3, W4-5, etc. So, I chose the N1-3 and N4-6. For me, N4-6 worked perfectly. It matched my C3 foundation to a tee. So if you are in my same boat, N4-6 might just work the best for you. N1-3 works well as a highlighting concealer shade.

Aside from the difficulty figuring out my shade, which I thought was sad considering how idiot-proof the True Match line is supposed to be, the rest of my experience with these crayons has been great.
  • The crayons are a nice mix between a cream and a stick. Unlike other stick concealers, this one isn't overly dry. I'm loving the consistency.
  • They glide on smoothly and blend out effortlessly
  • I haven't had any problems with the concealer traveling or fading quickly. Note this isn't a long-wearing formula, but I find that setting it helps it last longer (although you can skip that if you want). 
  • I feel they give me a natural yet still flawless look
  • The price point is fair ($7.99 at Target)
  • They twist up from the bottom, so no need for a sharpener
To make it a little easier for you to gauge how my experience might compare to yours consider that I have normal combination skin and I do not get really dark under eye circles. I just need to conceal a little darkness in the inner corner of my eyes. My under eye are doesn't get too oily so my concealer tends to stay put, so my main concerns for concealer is that they don't fade, blend well, have good pigmentation, and aren't overly dry. 

Check out my video review for additional details and to watch me demonstrate how I apply the concealer.

What are some of your primary concerns when it comes to a concealer?