Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Burt's Bees Lip Balms are the Bee's Knees

So I've confessed to my ridiculous lip balm obession and you got a little peek at my eos collection. But darlings, it doesn't stop there. On no. This goes beyond a fascinations for brightly-colored balls of lip moisture. I just like balms that glide onto my lips and smell delicious. I need to keep my pout kissable whenever possible.

I don't discriminate either. I even love my 92 cent tubes of regular ol' Chapstick. You just don't know how far this ridiculousness goes.

Among my favorite deliciously scented lip moisturizing products is Burt's Bees. I'm sure your familiar. They have a following. First of all, I love the packaging. I don't know what it is about the mustard yellow background with block letters that draws me to it. There must be a science to it, or else I'm convinced its some kind of voodoo.

I have to say, I'm a big fan of their newer flavored balms. That's not to say I don't like the original beeswax lip balm. I mean, it was super minty, what with peppermint oil among the main ingredients and all. But, the two tubes of it that I had always needed to be broken in, so to speak. They felt hard and like I had to warm them up before they glided onto my lips. It would take several uses before they felt smooth. I don't really like that. Sorry Burt.

But then I got my hands on their Pomegranate flavored lip balm and that experience set everything straight. It was smooth from the start and it smelled fantastic. I'd say it smells like pomegranate, but I've never smelled a pomegranate. It smells like other pomegranate flavored stuff I've purchased, so I'm assuming the smell of my lip balm is accurate. But this flavor has been around for a while.

The flavor I'm totally head over heels about is the new grapefruit scented lip balm. It has all the great qualities of its pomegranate sibling. It goes on smoothly, hydrates, doesn't have parabens, and it's all natural. It feels good to use it and it makes you feel like you're doing something good when you buy it. 

I've said this before. I love citrus scents. So naturally, I like the crisp scent of this grapefruit balm. It pretty much smells just like the Neutrogena grapefruit face wash. But not soapy. Big thanks to my hubs for brining this one to me. Great choice! You may remember when he gifted it to me because I tweeted the photo below. 

That's right, he gifted me another pomegranate and the grapefruit lip balm along with two fashion mags. What a thoughtful man.

While I was a CVS the other day, I noticed Burt's Bees has a few more flavors I want to try: mango, acai berry, passion fruit, honey, eucalyptus oil. You see? This is how I end up hoarding so many lip balms. I. Must. Try. All. Flavors.

But, back to the topic at hand. I'm a big fan of these scented Burt's Bees lippies. I can tell the difference between them and the original formula. And I don't just mean because they smell differently. I love a good minty lip balm. And while eventually my Burt's Bees balm would warm up and smooth out, I'm not crazy about how dry and tough it feels at the beginning. But these are smooth from the get go and that makes all the difference to me. I don't have to work to get them to perform like I want them to. 

Have you tried any of the other Burt's Bees lip balm flavors? Do you have a favorite? Do you think I'll like any of the others as much as I love grapefruit?

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