Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fall is Coming and that Means Boots

Game of Thrones fans might be anxiously awaiting winter, but I'm getting a bit excited about fall. I hadn't really given it much thought, since down here in Florida it will probably feel like summer well into December. But I was out with the hubs last weekend at Nordstrom and we got to sneak a peek at some of their Anniversay Sale items, since my hubby is a Nordstrom card holder. Lo and behold there was the signal that reminds me that fall merchandise is on its way: boots. Not darker colors. Not warmer clothes. My trigger for noticing the impending change is the arrival of boots. 

And that got me thinking, then it got me to perusing. All of a sudden I was full on planning which boots I'd be looking out for this season. I already have a few staples in my closet like my black stiletto  booties, riding boots, a pair of work-appropriate knee highs, and my super fave J. Crew black motorcycle boots. But, I'm on a mission to find a few others. 

Here's what I've got my eye on so far:

A casual pair knee high flat boots in cognac (been hunting for a pair these since last year but they never had my size when I found them or when I found my size I wasn't crazy about the style) that I can wear over my skinnies. Love how cognac is so versatile you can wear it with anything. I found these at Zappos and endless* (if one doesn't have your size, check the other). 

Steve Madden Candence ($98.95)
Photo credit:
A casual pair of booties that are more appropriate for everyday. I mean I love my stiletto booties, but their not exactly errand-running material. Love these I found at Sole Society**. The wedge gives you some height without killing your feet. Plus they are just casual enough with a little bit of sass. Plus, I'm super stoked that Sole Society eliminated the subscription type service. Now you don't get charged every month (if you forget to skip the month). You just get charged when you actually buy. I think that's the way it should be. 

Heather buckle wedge bootie ($59.95)
Photo credit: Sole Society

These are some of the boots that have caught my eye recently. Well, at least the ones that are within my price range. Perhaps I'll have to write another post with my lust-after splurges. You know, the ones I want but should probably skip buying in favor of paying my bills... Is that something you'd like to see? 

*I am an endless affiliate. If you click on the link provided and make a purchase, I receive a small commission. You are by no means obligated to buy. 
** Using my personal link (provided) to subscribe to and make a purchase from Sole Society will result in my receiving a credit voucher that I can use toward toward future purchases with Sole Society, but I do not receive actual cash compensation (the kind I can put in my bank account). 

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