Saturday, October 1, 2011

Swatches: Nars California & Night Sun

I got my new Nars eyeshadows in the mail this week from Sephora. You know, the ones I told you about that they had on sale for $8. Well, I hope you were able to get in on the deal. The colors are quite pretty! Since I just got them, I wanted to go ahead and share some swatches with you.

Night sun is a yellowish gold, and it would look lovely with some brown and black shadows for a pretty golden smokey eye.

California is a lovely copper color. It would look great as an eyeliner, or paired with a pretty bronze or brown shadow. Applied with a light touch, and a fluffy brush, this could also be a great wash of color on your lid. It's highly pigmented, so be sure to layer it on if you want to keep the color light.

Both shadows have great color pay off. Check out the swatch below (applied over eyeshadow primer).

What do you think of these colors? Were you able to get in on the $8 deal?

Here's a picture of me wearing a very light wash of California on my lids (don't worry, I took the photo at at red light).

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  1. Ummmmmm, jealous. Wish I had known about it. That Night Sun shade is just gorgeous!