Thursday, May 26, 2011

Memorial Day Bath & Body Works Sale

Here it is again! You're chance to stock up on candles, lotion, body splashes, and body washes from Bath & Body Works. If you missed out on any of the other sales I've announced through my other social channels (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube), here's your chance. It's Memorial Day weekend, which means sales galore! So far, this is one that has grabbed my attention and I just had to share it with you.

So here's the skinny:
  • All signature items are buy three, get three free.
  • 14.5 oz candles are 2 for $20 (they are normally $19.50 each). Once you buy two, they are $10 each, so if you see three that you really want, don't think you have to find a fourth one to get the special pricing.
Now, if that weren't enough, I also have a coupon for even more freebies! You ready? Here it is:

Get any signature collection body care item (full-sized, up to a $12 value) with any $10 or more purchase. In-store code: 4319 Online code: S113651 (Expires June 9, 2011).

Click here for a printable coupon.

Here is what that means. If you buy two candles to take advantage of the sale, but don't really want to spend on bath & body products, you can just pick one up for free. Or, better yet, if you are taking advantage of the buy three, get three free sale, then you are actually buying two and getting four items free with this coupon. How amazing is that?! Here is the breakdown of the prices:
  • Body splashes are typically $12
  • Body lotions are typically $10 (I prefer these because they aren't as thick, which for me is perfect since my skin isn't overly dry)
  • Body creams (in the tube not bottle) are typically $12
  • Body butters (in a jar) are typically $15
  • Body washes are typically $10
You will get charged for the two most expensive items and get the rest for free. So let's say you buy three body spashes and three of the $10 body lotions (like I did last time) and use the coupon, you would actually pay $24 (plus tax) for $66 worth of product:

Three body splashes at $12 each = $36
Three lotions at $10 each = $30

That means you get $42 worth of product for free

If you decide to buy two body splashes, two of the expensive lotions, and two body washes during this sale, and use the coupon you save even more:

2 body splashes ($12 each) = $24
2 lotions ($12 each) = $24
2 washes ($10 each) = $20
Total = $68

Now factor in your three free items (that's a $32 savings), and then your freebie for your coupon ($12 savings), and you still end up paying only $24 (plus tax). Nice, huh?

Obviously, if you opt for the the body butters in the buy three get three sale, you'll pay a bit more, since they are not included as a part of the free item since they are $15 (and the coupon limit is $12). But you could always just get a seventh item for free. Then again, you could always just spend $10 on anything and get one free item and still come out on top. I'm just sharing some sample savings calculations with you.

I may need to pick up some of these goodies as gifts for some upcoming birthdays. I have so many stocked up now, that if I bought for myself, I wouldn't really be saving anything because I'd just be spending for something I don't really need just to get the savings (that is not smart shopping). But since it's shopping for others, it's justified, right?!

Will you be going shopping this weekend? What kind of sales do you have your eyes on?