Monday, May 9, 2011

Groupon Savings: The Body Shop (haul)

Groupon and LivingSocial are sites where business offer daily deals and people can group together to get in on the savings. As long as a certain number of people purchase the deal, then it goes through. If only two or three people purchase the deal, then it gets cancelled. This usually doesn't happen, especially with good deals because, let's face it, people like getting something for hardly anything. Guilty, right here. On these sites, you can get special deals for local salons, restaurants, spas, and national stores. If you purchase wisely, you can end up getting a lot for very little. I thought I'd share a recent haul from a national store that was made possible thanks to Groupon. I'll list the items I purchased below along with the price so that you can see the enormous savings.

The Groupon cost me $20. It gave me $45 to spend at The Body Shop (kinda like a gift card). I exceeded that amount by $5. My total out of pocket cost: $25. Now check out how I got way more than $25 (or even $45) worth of product.

Join Groupon here and LivingSocial here (they are both free memberships) to start receiving notifications of awesome local savings.

I also joined the The Body Shop's rewards program (those little frequent customer card things) and because it is my birthday month, I also received an additional $10 worth of products as gifts. Since I'd already gotten so many things, and the store was holding a drive for The Spring, which is a women's shelter, I decided to donate my gift to that drive. I told the sales person she could pick whatever she felt would be most useful. She chose 3 shower gels from their 3 for $10 bin. I paved it forward and it felt pretty good.

Items purchased:
Satsuma body wash (25.3 fl oz) - $15
Satsuma lippy (lip balm) - $5
Satsuma body butter (6.75 oz) - $16
Grapefruit body butter (1.69 oz) - $5
Satsuma body butter (1.69 oz) - $5
Green Tea & Lemon Fragrance Oil - $7.50
Pink Tote bag - $12.99 (which made everything I bought 30% off)
Free Gift: Coconut shimmer body butter (25.3 oz) - valued at $16
Three shower gels (donated to the women's shelter) - valued at $10 

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