Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Nail Files: Sally Hansen Crushed

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Crushed
My love affair with nail polishes this season continues. The color selection for polishes this season is simply irresistible. They are bright, bold, and beautiful and I'm powerless to resist. Lucky for me, the drugstore bargain brands are offering quite the impressive selection, so I'm not breaking the bank with this latest craze.

My newest acquisition is Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear polish in Crushed. It's a great addition to my spring and summer collection. A gorgeous tangerine orange with a hint of a shimmery finish. The polish quality lives up to the Xtreme Wear standard. It glides on smoothly and evenly and boasts a lovely finish.

I wish it picked up in the photo better. For some reason any of my polishes with an orangey finish seem to come out more red than they are on camera. I tried different lighting too (flash, sunlight). The picture above is the closest to the true color, though I still think a bit on the red side. Regardless, I think it's a perfect color that will get a lot of mileage since it will transition easily from spring to summer. It's bright and refreshing. I love how it seems to instantly lighten my mood.

Best of all Xtreme Wear polish is only $2.04 at Target. A fun pick-me-up without a downer of a price tag.


  1. Love it! I just bought this color today at Target and am going to try it soon.

  2. Doesn't it just grab at you from the display case? I was drawn right to it. I hope you like it!

  3. I only own ten polishes, my favourites carefully selected from trawling swatches online during my relaxation time. This is my favourite. It is delicious in real life, and a dangerous distraction when driving.