Thursday, February 24, 2011

Nail Files: Sephora by OPI Nail Polish Haul

I've been on a Zoya kick lately, and with good reason. Their polish selection is a-ma-zing! And not just that, but the lacquer is high quality. It glides on like a dream, delivering pigment and shine, and stands up to the test of time. I know I've kept my Zoya polish on my nails for a full work week before I saw even the smallest chip. For those of you out there sporting natural nails, you know that's impressive.

Alas, as much as I love Zoya, I have one qualm -- I can only find it online. I like the instant gratification of picking up a polish and wearing it that same day. I like looking at all the colors and really seeing them in person, where they are true to color. Sometimes the color you see online isn't quite what you get, once you receive it in the mail. So, I wish it were easier to find Zoya polishes at local retailers.

Since that day hasn't come, I'll continue to shop for pretty nail colors from the brands I can pick up in store for my instant gratification fix. I did that this weekend with two new polishes from the Sephora by OPI collection. One from the Glee line, and one that was on sale. I love them both. They are bright colors that I just love for the coming spring. I've always been a dark polish girl, gravitating toward deep purples, and royal blues, so fall and winter are usually my favorite time of year for polish. But bright colors are growing on me. I think I just like colors to be noticeable. Nudes are pretty, and I'll wear them from time to time, but they have their time and place, and I just tend to love a fun, rich color. If I'm welcoming spring, then I'm doing it loudly.

I picked up "Who let the dorks out?" from the Glee line, which is a gorgeous metallic teal blue-green (they describe it as peacock green, It certainly had green undertones, but I definitely see it as a blue-green) for $9.50. I adore it. It's pretty on the nails, but I think its going to look amazing on the toes when I rock some fun espadrilles in the warmer weather. The color will really stand out against just about any shade of shoe, be it a pretty brown leather, or a fun off-white canvas. Check it out below:

Pictured: Two coats of Who let the dorks out?

Then, I came across this fun hot pink prettiness in the sale bin. I was so excited! It's called Access 24/7 and it's like a bright Barbie magenta pink. I saw it and I thought, wasn't that the color of Barbie's car? It looked so fun, I just had to have it, and it was only $5! I like it a lot, but the pigmentation is kind of light. It's much more intense in the bottle than when you first apply it, so you have to layer it on to get the bright pink color pay off. Here it is, what do you think?

Pictured: 3 coats of Access 24/7

I also picked up the Urban Ballerina mini collection, but I haven't tried any of those out just yet. The colors look really pretty. I'm definitely drawn to the grey and purple and am curious to see how the nude pinks look. I'll keep you all posted. What colors are you ready to start wearing for spring? 


  1. loving the "who let the dorks out"!!! i have always been a pink-polish-girl but have been thinking about changing it up for the spring...

  2. It's a fun color. I think even brighter in person. I tried to capture it in the photo as well as I could, making sure to have ample lighting, but the camera didn't capture the glittery/shimmery finish, which makes it so much brighter.

  3. Love the bright pink color; looks awesome for spring/summer... even if it does take a few coats to get there!


  4. Thanks Alyson. I really do like the pink. It's going to be a fun color to wear this Spring. It will probably even spill over into summer.