Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Review: CoverFX MintGlaze FX

As you probably remember, several weeks ago I won a Twitter contest, and the grand prize was a CoverFX MintGlaze FX Fortifying Lip Treat-mint Primer ($22 at Sephora). Now that I've taken it out for a few test runs, I feel like I can give it an accurate review.

When this little ditty arrived in the mail, it felt like Christmas. I was so excited. I'd been anxiously awaiting its arrival. Before I won the contest, I had hovered around the Cover FX section at Sephora, but had never taken the plunge to purchase the products because I didn't know much about them. So, I was thrilled to get to try something out without having to make the monetary commitment just yet. And, I'd never really used a lip primer before, so I was killing two birds with one prize.

So far, I have to say, there really isn't anything I don't like about this product. The price tag makes me wince a little, but that's mostly because I've never really paid $20 or more for a lip product. The most I've paid is $12 for a MAC lipglass at the cosmetic store at my local outlet mall. But, I'm so happy with the product so far, that I think by the time I go through it, I will probably have won the battle with my inner frugalista because this is quickly becoming a go-to product. I'm already rationalizing. For example, I keep telling myself that unlike my lipsticks, I can easily turn to this product every day for multiple purposes.

The clear glossy treatment, is multi-tasker in every sense of the word. It moisturizes, primes, protects (with SPF 15), beautifies, rejuvenates, and refreshes. If it did much more, it would leap over buildings with one fell swoop, finish my projects before deadline, and do it all while cooking a healthy satisfying dinner, and letting me burn off an extra 500 calories a day with little to no effort. But then we might have to dub it the MintGlazeFX Fortifying Lip Treat-mint Primer and super hero extraordinaire, and the price would certainly skyrocket. Then again, in this fantasy, the gloss takes care of dinner so I'd order them two at a time. But I digress. Quite frankly the product achieves a lot.

As soon as I opened the package, applied the product on my lips, and smelled the lovely minty scent (I love minty glosses!), I was happy. The product is smooth, silky and goes on easily. It's a bit sticky, but I expected that (even though I had no previous experience with primers) mostly because I figured, how else would it stay on your lips (since it is glossy)? Although it's a little sticky, it'st not too sticky or glue-y. It does what it says it will, it filled in the lip lines, and made them appear fuller because of it. It's not a plumper, but because your lips have less creases or lines, they appear more full and youthful (or am I mistaken? Does the mint help with some plumping action too? I'm more inclined to think it's the filled lines). To boot, it has impressive staying power. When I apply it in the morning at home, and then come in to work and have breakfast, I can still feel the product on my lips afterwards. Albeit, there is less of it, but it is still there.

When used alone, it's a great clear, protective, moisturizing gloss. When combined with a lipstick, it gives your liptick gloss, and makes it looks smoother (because of your now line-less lips). And, since it's a bit sticky, it seems to help your lip color last a bit longer. Not as long as some long-wearing formulas, but the trade off I notice is that my lips stay moisturized. While I do have to reapply, I don't end up with dried up lips with splotches of color, like I have with other long-wearing lipstick formulas. (Can you tell this has made me averse to wearing these kinds of lipsticks?)

So, not only can you wear this alone for some clear gloss, or combine it with your favorite lip shade, but you can also use it as a night balm. Generally, I used Victoria's Secret's blamy nights lip balm before bed, but I gave my MintGlaze a shot last night, and I liked it. I'll have to give it a few more night test runs before I can give it a thorough verdict, but I just wanted to throw the suggestion out there as another potential use.

To sum it up, I think I like this product the most as a stand-alone gloss and lip balm. I love that it has SPF 15 in it because even though you should always protect your lips, I think it's especially mandatory down here in the Sunshine State. The product's minty-ness is a nice added touch. I like the fresh feeling it gives me, but I haven't tested it against a garlic-y lunch. I just happen to be partial to minty lip products, so this is a selling point for me. While I like the added polish and shine it gives my lipstick when I wear it as a primer, I find myself turning to it more often on its own. That could have a lot to do with the fact that I'm a nude lips, gloss, or lip balm kind of girl. I never end up using my lipsticks as much as I do my chapsticks and glosses.

Last, but certainly not least by any means, I am absolutely pleased with the fact that Cover FX is a cruelty-free company. While I don't outright boycott companies that test on animals, I am much more likely to be loyal to companies that engage in humane practices. It makes me happy to know that by purchasing this product (as I'm sure I will once I run out) I am supporting a company with an conscience. And kudos to Cover FX for displaying the cruelty-free logo and for spelling out that their products are not tested on animals on its packaging. Bravo for not making your consumers search high and low for that information!

All in all, I'd certainly recommend it to anyone who isn't gun-shy about the price.


  • I normally have dry lips, so I'm a lip balm addict, which is another reason I think this product really worked for me.

  • MintGlaze FX contains 0.10 fl. oz. of product and comes with a doe-shaped applicator.

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